International Epilepsy Day

Monday 8th February 2016

Last year was the first year of the official International Epilepsy Day.  Following a successful launch with many activities around the world, we now look forward to International Epilepsy Day 2016.


Visit the Epilepsy Stories section of the website and read the inspiring stories of Shenaz, Tony, Alfie, Emilia, Helia, Hermes, Ming, Robert, Sandra, Serene and other people living with epilepsy around the world. 



Latest News

EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation speaks at International Epilepsy Day celebration in Strasbourg.

"The human brain is one of life’s most beautiful and complex mysteries. We are all wired differently. We each bring our own thoughts, passions and emotions to life in a different way, but what is most remarkable is how little we know about this vital organ. How little we know about the very thing which sets us apart and, at the same time, unites us as human beings. Due to this lack of understanding, neurological disorders have too often been consigned to the background. Not often talked about. Often misunderstood. Two great challenges still lie before us.

World Brain Day 2015

The world federation of neurology celebrates the brain annually. This year it is concentrating on the topic of Epilepsy. This follows the resolution of the World Health Assembly in May 2015 which calls on the WHO Secretariat to continue to lead and coordinate support to Member States in addressing the global burden of epilepsy so that people with epilepsy can receive timely treatment and can benefit from educational and occupational opportunities, free from stigma and discrimination.